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For Meditators

Group Meditation + Knowledge

Come along for group meditation.  These gatherings are hosted weekly in the city where I'm teaching to nourish and support your practice. 

Complimentary to all students who have learned Vedic Meditation.

Advanced Techniques

If you've been practicing Vedic Meditation consistently for at least one year it's recommended that you learn an advanced technique.  

The subtle shifts of advanced techniques are designed to expand the blissfulness you've experienced during meditation into the awakened state. 

This course is taught in person, over two sessions, and involves learning an upgraded elongation of your existing mantra. 

Exploring the Veda

For students who want to dive deeper into the knowledge of the Veda, which is the ancient body of wisdom and source of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vedic Meditation.

Offered in a six part series and taught over a long weekend in a non-residential retreat style setting, through recorded seminars by Thom Knoles, who is recognized as one of the worlds foremost teacher's of the Veda's true meaning and application, is nothing short of life changing. 

Students learn to live a life attuned with the laws of nature, gaining an understanding of what is happening at any given moment.


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I travel and teach all around the world.