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How to Learn

The process to learning Vedic Meditation is much like the technique itself.  Simple, effortless, and enjoyable.

The Introductory Talk

complimentary + 30-60 minutes

This meeting is an opportunity for you to hear a bit about Vedic Meditation.  I'll share with you the origin of the technique, how the practice works, the benefits (which include reduction of stress and an increase in energy and peace of mind), and the course itself.

The introductory talk is a pre-requisite to the Introduction to Vedic Meditation course. 

Email info@meditatewithemily.com with questions, scheduling, or to sign-up.  I look forward to welcoming you!

The Course

4 days + 90 minute sessions

The course in Vedic Meditation consists of four lessons taking place over four consecutive days, lasting about ninety minutes each day.  There is a sequential amount of knowledge offered each day and by the time you complete the course you will be a self-sufficient expert meditator.

The Course Fee

tiered contribution

Each student will choose their own course fee based on a tiered structure related to annual income.  This type of exchange is a practice dating back thousands of years in India and is an effort to maintain the purity and consistency of the teaching.  Included in the fee is a lifetime of access to future Introduction to Vedic Meditation courses, group meditations, and support.


Contact Me

I travel and teach all around the world.