"Be simple, be kind, stay rested"

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


About Emily

Emily is a devoted student and teacher of Vedic Meditation.  Her training to become a teacher began, in earnest, while living in New York City and studying under world renowned Master of Vedic wisdom, Thom Knoles.  Following in the footsteps of her mentor and after a devout studentship in New York City she traveled to Rishikesh, India and spent many months at the foothills of the Himalayas training to become a teacher of Vedic Meditation, in the same way that Thom was trained by his teacher, the great Sage, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.   Additionally, she received the personal blessing and recognition to teach from Shri Shri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Swami Kailashanand Giri Maharaj, the Supreme Authority of the Vedic Tradition.  One of the aspects she loves most about Vedic Meditation is that absolutely anyone can practice and benefit from this technique as long as they have a bit of curiosity and the ability to follow a few simple steps.   Currently she travels and teaches throughout the world.  Reach out to say hello or to inquire for upcoming scheduling and additional details.



Step beyond thought to unleash your full potential

Vedic Meditation is a simple, effortless, and natural meditation technique designed for everyone.  Unlike some meditation techniques which are concentrative in nature or designed specifically for Monks, Vedic Meditation is designed for what in India is referred to as Householders - or busy people with careers, families, and belongings - where one learns to step beyond the everyday surface layer of thought to access the Being layer. 

In doing so, the body has the opportunity to receive deep rest, thus triggering a cascade response of systematically removing stress from the physiology while permeating the body and mind with bliss.  In today's fast paced society filled with high demand, we all need an additional technique to operate at our most adaptable, optimal, and expansive Self.

If you're curious to learn more about Vedic Meditation, sign-up for a complimentary Introductory Talk.  The Introductory Talk is a pre-requisite to learning Vedic Meditation and gives seekers the opportunity to learn a bit more about the technique and the course itself. These sessions are currently taking place over Zoom. 

The 'Learn to Meditate' course is offered in-person over four consecutive days, lasting about 90 minutes each day.  By the end of the course students are self-sufficient meditators with access to a global community and a lifetime of support.  Contact for details.


"My time with Emily felt so warm. I went from not really being sure what to expect, to feeling absolutely comfortable very quickly. When Emily sits with you and walks you through the process, it becomes clear that teaching meditation truly lights her up. I felt fully welcomed into the space each session we had together, and I'm so glad I did it. What a generous teacher! It was an experience I get to reap the rewards of everyday. Thank you, Emily!"


"I had such a fantastic experience with Emily!  I learned so much and continue to meditate amidst the hectic work days and beginning of my third trimester with my first.  Emily led me to be able to calm my mind, an invaluable tool that I will now have for the rest of my life. I can't thank Emily enough."


"I experienced so much peace in this morning's meditation.  Sitting on the couch with a blanket, eyes closed, internally repeating the mantra without force.  In the background, I could hear birds singing outside, a train going by... "Effortless, easy, charming..", the words of my teacher echoed in my mind.  Vedic Meditation is something I look forward to twice a day.  The technique is so natural and simple.  You don't have to "stop" or "try" to do anything.  It effortlessly settles the body and mind almost immediately."






Once you have learned Vedic Meditation you are welcome to the intermediate meditation meetings free of charge.  Enjoy the great benefit and deeply restful experience of group meditation.  Meditation is followed by a Question + Answer period and discussion to further your understanding of the technique and expand your state of consciousness.  These meetings are offered both in-person and Zoom, please inquire for scheduling.



Exploring the Veda is for students wishing to dive deeper into the Veda's true meaning and application.  The Veda is the ancient body of wisdom from which Vedic Meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda are derived.  A consciousness curriculum unlike any other; pre-recorded over 80 hours by Emily's teacher, Thom Knoles.  Thom Knoles is recognized as one of the worlds foremost teachers in Vedic wisdom and knowledge.  Listen as he draws out pearls of wisdom from the ancient Veda with extraordinary bliss and relevance.  Adding the intellectual knowledge to our meditation practice is vastly transformative.  The course series is facilitated by Emily in a non-residential retreat style stetting, sharing nourishing meals coupled with deep insights.  There are six parts of Exploring the Veda, students may sign up for 1 section or all 6.  Each series is offered once per year in the cities where Emily teaches.

*the prerequisite for taking Exploring the Veda is learning the practice of Rounding.



Asana, Pranayama, Meditation

A subtle yet powerful practice recommended for all meditators.  Rounding or a "Round" consists of a series of gentle asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) within a specific sequence, to draw back the arrow, caring for the body, releasing additional stress, and thus launching deeply into meditation.  Once students learn this sequence they may practice as often as 2x per day or as little as 1x per month. 

Rounding is taught in a two hour session so that you may learn the sequence and then we'll practice live together.  Wearing comfortable clothing and bringing a yoga mat is recommended.  Please inquire for details and to schedule a private or group rounding workshop. 



After one year of consistent twice daily practice you are eligible to receive an advanced technique.  Advanced technique's are designed to expand upon the subtlety you have now accessed within meditation to maximize awareness and refine the senses.  While this occurrence will happen naturally with twice daily meditation, an advanced technique accelerates the process. These sessions are offered in-person and can be arranged privately or during a scheduled course.



for Kids ages 4-11

If your child has become interested in a meditation practice of their own this is an opportunity for them to learn a special meditation technique for children.  This practice is done with eyes open anytime throughout the day; while getting ready for school, playing with toys, or perhaps while the parent is meditating, as a few examples.  We meet in-person for about 1 hour (parents join in) where your child will witness a gratitude ceremony, learn the technique, and then we practice meditation together.  The whole process is so sweet and a wonderful way to introduce the wisdom of meditation to curious kids. 

*tweens and teens learn Vedic Meditation on the adult course with a few special instructions tailored to them.



Emily offers private consultations to Vedic Meditator's who would like to discuss their meditation practice or life experiences in a personal setting.  Emily's offering is to provide a shift in viewpoint, to assist in alleviating perceived obstacles, while maximizing your full potential and highest essence.  To schedule a 1:1 consultation with Emily please connect below.


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