Become the best version of Yourself

Step beyond thought to unleash your full potential with Vedic Meditation.

Enjoy sustained happiness and inner bliss through your practice with Vedic Meditation

Live a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life by connecting with your innermost self through Vedic Meditation.

The practice of Vedic Meditation fits naturally into any lifestyle and enlivens the ability to flow with life from a greater sense of clarity and joy.

Learn to Meditate
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Discover how Vedic Meditation can enhance your life.

Improve your relationships

When we are more connected with ourselves we are able to relate with greater compassion, friendliness, and adaptability to all those around us.

Access mental clarity

Learn to step beyond thought to enliven your creative intelligence. By enhancing your mental potential, you'll find yourself making more accurate decisions with the greatest possible impact.

Increase your Energy

Vedic Meditation is deeply restful which ignites the release of stress. As a result of practicing, meditators notice expanded and sustained levels of energy.

Cultivate Inner Fulfilment

As you dive into this systematic practice, stress unwinds, and lasting inner fulfilment remains. Awaken your inner nature where bliss becomes your natural state.

Learn to Meditate

How to get started?

Attend an intro talk

Join Emily for a complimentary in-person or virtual conversation to learn more about Vedic Meditation and ask questions.

Attending an intro talk is a pre-requisite to  the 4-day meditation course.

Learn to Meditate

Join the in-person sessions over 4 days for 60 minutes on the first day and 90 minutes on the three follow-up days. At the end of the course you will be a self-sufficient meditator with access to a lifetime of support.

Effortless daily practice

Experience regular and cumulative benefits from your practice. Become the best version of yourself by awakening your own inner potential through a technique that fits easefully into daily life.  

Enjoy a lifetime of support

Once you learn Vedic Meditation you're offered a lifetime of support with your practice. Receive guidance as you grow with your practice, attend weekly group meditations, and become part of a worlwide community.

Glad to have you here,
I'm Emily

If you're curious about meditation, but aren't sure how to quiet the mind, this practice could be what you're looking for.

Vedic Meditation doesn't require you to concentrate, sit in a rigid pose, or cease thinking.

The practice utilizes a mantra, which very naturally brings us from every day thoughts to quieter states of being, effortlessly.

If you have a bit of curiosity and the ability to follow a few simple steps, you can learn Vedic Meditation.


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Meet Emily

Emily has been personally trained and mentored by Thom Knoles, who is recognized as the leading Master of Vedic Meditation worldwide.

Words from the incredible Students

“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving. She's such a warm, welcoming, kind, and compassionate teacher."

Toronto, Canada

“I can say with a full heart that learning with Emily was one of the best decisions I have ever made. To find stability in a practice such as Vedic Meditation is simply a gift. To find a teacher like Emily, is a treasure."

Miami, USA

"When Emily sits with you and walks you through the process, it becomes clear that teaching meditation truly lights her up. What a generous teacher! This is an experience I get to reap the rewards of everyday."

Toronto, Canada

"Emily has such a warm and sparkling personality. She has a calming presence and is a wonderful teacher. I would recommend Emily to everyone who would like to enjoy the benefits of meditation."

Southport, CT, USA