You deserve the best.
Never feel unworthy or
not justified in having the best.
I tell you this is your heritage;
but you have to accept it,
you have to expect it.
You have to claim it.
To do so is not demanding too much.

Swami Bhahmananda Saraswati


Emily is a devoted student of yoga and the human experience and was qualified to teach Vedic Meditation in 2018 after studying under Vedic Masters for many months in Rishikesh, India.  Since completing her training Emily has taught throughout the United States in Connecticut, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area as well as internationally in Amsterdam  + Haarlem Netherlands and Toronto Canada.

With humble gratitude she thanks her teacher, Thom Knoles, for encouraging her to be a preceptor of Vedic Meditation; as well as her family, colleagues who are much like family, and all of the students who have made her a teacher.  Emily is regarded for her effortless approach at integrating ancient wisdom into modern life and is inspired by the techniques which have served society for millennia and continue to do so.

Her current offerings include the Learn to Meditate Course, Group Meditation for current practitioners, advanced techniques for seasoned practitioners, and the highly coveted Exploring the Veda Course as taught by Thom Knoles.  Please reach out for additional information, we look forward to welcoming you! 

photo by Mathieu Carlot


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