What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is a simple, natural, and effortless mental technique derived from the ancient body of wisdom, the Veda.

Unlock the Power of Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation utilizes particular mantras (ma (means mind) -tra (means vehicle), which have no intended meaning and operate on the vibration of sound. The mantra, which is selected for you by your teacher, is the tool to bring you from everyday thought to quieter states of being and bliss.

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A practice for everyone with a little Curiosity + the ability to follow a few simple steps.

Vedic Meditation is a technique for householders, which is a term from India essentially meaning busy people with families, belongings, and careers - not for Monks. Because the technique is designed for people like you, Vedic Meditation is easeful to practice. Over the course, you'll be expertly trained in this simple technique where you'll sit comfortably in a chair, with your back supported. Vedic Meditation is recommended morning and evening for about 20 minutes each session. On the course you'll be given all the tools and techniques which have allowed even the busiest of people to have consistency with the practice.

Learn to Meditate
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An ancient tradition, relevant today more than ever

Vedic Meditation comes from the ancient body of knowledge known as the Veda. The Veda is the source of wisdom from which yoga and meditation are derived, dating back thousands of years.

Thousands of years ago, people weren't talking as much about stress, but they were still interested in awakening their innermost being and self, to live a full and healthy life.

Today we have found that stress is often the root cause to why we may not be feeling our best. Sleep alone is simply not enough to purify stress or provide us with the deep rest needed to live a thriving life.

Fortunately, we have a practice like Vedic Meditation.

The technique is tried and true over millennia and is an experience based practice. There is no need to believe in something, change your religion, or wear certain clothes. Simply meditate and allow the ancient practice to uplift your modern life.

Come along to see how this practice can transform your life.

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How to get started?

Attend an intro talk

Join Emily for a free talk to learn more about Vedic Meditation and ask questions.

Learn to Meditate

Attend the four day course for about 90 minutes each day.

Effortless daily practice

Enjoy the benefits of your Vedic Meditation practice which fits naturally and effortlessly into daily life.

Enjoy a lifetime of support

Included in your Vedic Meditation course is a lifetime of support with your practice.