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As a Vedic Meditator, you will receive a lifetime of support with your practice. Weekly group meditations, complimentary course refreshers, and access to a worldwide community of meditators is available for you.

Group Meditation

Weekly gatherings held both online and in-person to support your practice, refine the technique, and expand your state of consciousness.

As part of the Vedic Meditation family, you can join any Vedic Meditation group meditation session worldwide.

Info: In-person & Online, 60 minutes
Energetic Exchange: Complimentary always
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course
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Rounding is a practice which involves a sequence of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (a breathing technique), and meditation. The technique increases the process of stress purification which paves the way for deeper meditative experiences. This practice is suitable for all meditators from beginner through advanced and for all body types. The practice itself is incredibly gentle yet the results are powerful.

Info: In-person, about 2 hours
Energetic Exchange: 108 USD Group, 250 USD Private
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course
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Exploring the Veda

Exploring the Veda is a transformative 6-part course that delves into the profound body of Vedic knowledge as taught by Thom Knoles and facilitated in a non-residential retreat style setting with Emily. Learn how to live a life aligned with nature as Thom draws out pearls of wisdom which are nothing short of life changing.

Info: Non-residential retreats, 6 long weekends
Energetic Exchange: 700USD per course
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course + Rounding
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Advanced techniques

Advanced techniques are designed to expand upon the subtlety you have accessed within meditation to maximize awareness and refine the senses.  While this occurrence will happen naturally with twice daily meditation, an advanced technique accelerates the process.

Info: In-person session over 1 hour + ongoing support
Energetic Exchange: 800 USD
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course and a consistent daily practice for at least 1 year.
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Private consultation

Emily is available for personal mentoring sessions with students who would like to discuss their meditation or life experiences in a private setting. Receive guidance for removing obstacles and living a life of increased flow and charm.

Info: In-person & Online 1:1, 60 minutes
Energetic Exchange: 250 USD
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course
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Rounding Retreat

Step out of your daily routine and come away with us for an experience of deep rest and rejuvenation in a nurturing environment.

On a Rounding Retreat, students have the unique opportunity to complete multiple rounds, a process which accelerates the release of stress and paves the way for greater clarity.

A long weekend of Rounding is equivalent to about 6 months of twice daily meditation.

Info: September 8th - 11th, Sedalia, Colorado
Energetic Exchange: Sliding Scale
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course or learning Vedic Meditation while on Retreat.
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Words from the incredible Students

“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving. She's such a warm, welcoming, kind, and compassionate teacher."

Toronto, Canada

“I can say with a full heart that learning with Emily was one of the best decisions I have ever made. To find stability in a practice such as Vedic Meditation is simply a gift. To find a teacher like Emily, is a treasure."

Miami, USA

"When Emily sits with you and walks you through the process, it becomes clear that teaching meditation truly lights her up. What a generous teacher! This is an experience I get to reap the rewards of everyday."

Toronto, Canada

"Emily has such a warm and sparkling personality. She has a calming presence and is a wonderful teacher. I would recommend Emily to everyone who would like to enjoy the benefits of meditation."

Southport, CT, USA