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As a Vedic Meditator, you have access to free weekly group meditation to support your practice, as well as advanced knowledge courses, techniques, and a worldwide community of meditators.

Group Meditation

One of the best aspects of being a Vedic Meditator is the ongoing support available to you for free. Group Meditation is a weekly offering where we gather together, refine the technique, meditate, and have an open discussion with Q&A.

Many meditators report this offering as the highlight to the week, the key to staying consistent, and deeper experiences when meditating together. Get to know like minded individuals in the community and accelerate your growth as a meditator.

We receive so many notes following group meditation, here are some of them...
"At group meditation I have such strong feelings of bliss and relate to the shares."
"I feel so comfortable in the group. I have found the discussion to be answering my questions, sometimes I don't even realize I have the question until someone else discusses it."
"I'm so looking forward to group (meditation), as always!"
"Thank you for group meditation today, they always help refresh me."
"It was so lovely to be with the group, thank you for holding the space."
"Group meds have been wonderful with you, with some really deep meditations and I always get some special insights from others questions."

Info: Online, Sunday at 9amMT / 10amCT/ 11amET/ 6pmIsrael
Exchange: Free
Pre-requisites: Completion of the Vedic Meditation Course
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Rounding is a practice which involves a specific sequence of asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (a breath technique), meditation, and rest. The sequence paves the way for more stress purification, nourishment of the physiology, and deeper meditative experiences. This practice is for all meditators from beginner through advanced and for all body types. The sequence itself is incredibly gentle yet the results are powerful. If you are looking for something additional to compliment your meditation practice and grow your experience, sign-up for a rounding workshop.

Info: In-person for 2 hours. Once you learn you may practice as much as twice per day or as often as you like.
Exchange: 108 USD for a Group Workshop or
250 USD for a Private course.
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course
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Exploring the Veda

Exploring the Veda is a transformative 6-part course that delves into the profound body of Vedic wisdom as taught by Thom Knoles. This course came as Thom's response to the question "what exactly is the Veda anyway?"

The course provides a philosophical understanding to living life aligned with all the laws of nature and is a consciousness curriculum unlike any other.

Each course is facilitated in-person with Emily over a long weekend. You'll enjoy community, nourishing meals and chai, and lots of deep discussion and advanced meditation practices.

Most courses are offered in a non-residential retreat setting where you'll come to enjoy long days of wisdom and return home to sleep. For our students who fly in for the course, we are able to provide a full retreat weekend when available.  

Sample Schedule:
Friday 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Info: Non-residential retreats, 6 long weekends
Exchange: 800USD per course which includes dinner on Friday, lunch and a take-home dinner specially prepared on Saturday, lunch on Sunday plus chai and healthy treats.
Pre-requisites: Vedic Meditation Course + Rounding
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Advanced techniques

If you have been meditating consistently for at least one year then you may be ready for an advanced technique. Advanced techniques expand upon the subtlety you have accessed within meditation to maximize awareness and refine the senses. This occurrence will happen naturally with twice daily meditation, however an advanced technique accelerates the process.

You'll meet with Emily in-person and witness the ceremony you experienced when you first learned Vedic Meditation. After which, you will receive your advanced technique which may include an elongation of your current mantra or additional practice to do while meditating.

Info: In-person session, 1 hour + additional check-in
Energetic Exchange: 800 USD
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course and a consistent daily practice for at least 1 year.
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Private Mentorship

Emily utilizes the wisdom she has gathered through her own life, studies with her Master, and the hundreds of students she has taught to facilitate your personal growth. During private mentorship you may discuss your own experiences within meditation to gather a more enriched understanding or receive guidance for obstacles and challenges you are currently facing in life as a whole. Emily's skill is her perception for identifying potential blocks, helping you to see the greater picture, and suggesting actions for taking the next step.  

Info: In-person + Online, 60 minutes
Exchange: 200 USD
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course
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Rounding Retreat

Come away for a rounding retreat to dive deep into your practice, purify greater amounts of stress, and nourish yourself with community in a beautiful setting.

Retreats may be 4 or 5 days where you will have the opportunity to practice multiple Rounds in a row - known as Rounding. A long weekend of Rounding is equivalent to about 6 months of twice daily meditation.

Students report lasting experiences of bliss, transformation, and renewal after attending a rounding retreat.

You'll also get to know our inspiring community from around the world and have lively wisdom talks with Emily in the afternoon and evenings.

All of your meals and accommodations will be cared for so that all that is needed from you is to walk to your (yoga) mat and expand upon your practice.

Info: 4 to 5 days in various locations
Exchange: vary depending on room choice and location
Pre-requisites: 4-day Vedic Meditation Course or learning Vedic Meditation while on Retreat.
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Words from the incredible Students

“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving. She's such a warm, welcoming, kind, and compassionate teacher."

Toronto, Canada

“I can say with a full heart that learning with Emily was one of the best decisions I have ever made. To find stability in a practice such as Vedic Meditation is simply a gift. To find a teacher like Emily, is a treasure."

Miami, USA

"When Emily sits with you and walks you through the process, it becomes clear that teaching meditation truly lights her up. What a generous teacher! This is an experience I get to reap the rewards of everyday."

Toronto, Canada

"Emily has such a warm and sparkling personality. She has a calming presence and is a wonderful teacher. I would recommend Emily to everyone who would like to enjoy the benefits of meditation."

Southport, CT, USA