Advanced techniques

Expand upon the subtlety you have accessed within meditation to maximize awareness and refine the senses


In-person course


60 minute training session with follow-up


800 USD


You have practiced Vedic Meditation consistently for at least 1 year

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Why learn Advanced Techniques?

Expanded Consciousness

Advanced Techniques expand upon the subtlety you have experienced within meditation into the waking state at an accelerated pace.

Enhanced Daily Life

These techniques assist in integrating the benefits you are receiving from your practice into all areas of life at a more advanced level.

Accelerated Personal Growth

Expand upon the deeply charming state that you slip into during your deepest meditations into every moment of your awakened state.

Personalized Guidance

Receive personal in-person training for your advanced technique with follow-up to ensure you're practicing properly. As always, a lifetime of support with your practice is included.

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After one year of consistent twice daily meditation practice, I invite you to learn an advanced technique.

The mantra and technique which you received when you first learned Vedic Meditation can be with you for a lifetime, the practice continues to work for you. Nonetheless, some students are curious to experience more evolved consciousness states at an accelerated pace.

The advanced techniques are designed to expand upon the subtlety you have accessed within meditation and to carry this experience into your waking state.  

We'll meet together in-person where you'll witness the same ceremony as when you first learned to meditate and I'll share with you your new technique.

Over an hour together we'll dive into the mechanics of the technique and meditate together.

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“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving”
Toronto, Canada