A sequence of gentle asanas, pranayama, meditation, and rest.


Rounding is taught in person


Two hours of instruction
followed by a self-sufficient practice that can be done on your own


108 USD group session or
250 USD private session


4-day Vedic Meditation Course

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Why do Rounding?

Stress Purification

We begin a round with a series of gentle asanas and ignite the release of stress and process of transcendence prior to mediating.

Enhanced state of bliss

You will add on to your meditation with additional practices which enhance the state of bliss you'll experience both inside and outside of meditation.

Nourishing for the body

With gentle movement designed to nourish the body and a breath technique which enhances prana (life force) the body is deeply nourished.

Enhanced Meditation Experience

The practice guides the physiology to prepare for a deeper meditation experience.

Get started with Rounding

The practice is gentle and simple yet powerful, like our meditation practice. The series of poses is designed for all body types, which means there is no prior physical skill set necessary.

Learning the practice of rounding will gift your practice with something you can do on the days where you would like to do more. A full round takes 50 minutes to complete and is nourishing for the body, increases the amount of stress which is purified, and enhances states of bliss.

Once you learn rounding you are able to practice on your own as often as twice per day or whenever you are charmed to do so.

Get started with Rounding
“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving”
Toronto, Canada