Learn the powerful technique of Rounding to increase the process of stress release and deepen the meditative experience.


Rounding is taught in person


Learn the instruction and complete a Round over two hours.

Energetic Exchange

108 USD Group, 250 USD Private


Completion of the 4-day Vedic Meditation Course

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Why do Rounding?

Unparalleled Stress Purification

Rounding is an advanced practice that effectively purifies deep-rooted stress from the physiology, offering an enhanced level of rejuvenation.

Fatigue Elimination

During times of increased demand a rounding practice can help to supercharge our baseline levels of energy and offset fatigue.

Deep Relaxation

The combination of asana and pranayama sets the stage for deeper meditative experience and increased rest.

Enhanced Meditation Experience

With the opportunity to begin stress purification prior to meditation, many students notice deeper meditation and increased bliss.

Get started with Rounding

A powerful tool in the meditation arsenal designed for those who would like to enhance the depth of their practice. This practice involves a gentle series of asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (a breathing technique), and meditation.

The process of stress purification begins as you practice the ansanas paving the way for deeper meditation experiences and enhanced bliss.

The sequence takes about 50 minutes to complete and leaves practitioners feeling more rejuvenated and energized. Think of the technique like a supercharge for your daily meditation practice.

Once you learn rounding you can incorporate the practice into your home program as often as twice per day or once a month, depending on what is most charming for you.

For those seeking an immersive experience, our Rounding Retreats offer the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the practice by completing multiple rounds per day.

The result of coming away for a Rounding Retreat and completing multiple daily rounds per day with a specialized program is akin to meditating for 6 months.

Check out the retreats page for upcoming Rounding retreats and additional details.

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“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving”
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