Private mentoring

Work with Emily to advance your meditation practice and receive personal guidance along the way.


Sessions are offered both online and in-person


60 minutes

Energetic Exchange

200 USD


4-day Vedic Meditation Course

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Why Private Mentoring with Emily?

Accelerate Your Meditation Journey

Private mentoring can advance your meditation practice by addressing specific questions.

Navigate Change

Find the sustainable path to progress amidst the one constant that is always there, change.

Remove Obstacles

Gain insights into the areas of life which may appear as blocks by eliminating obstacles and expanding your state of consciousness.

Enhance Relationships

Improve both your personal and professional relationships by applying Vedic wisdom, fostering more balance and progress.

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Through her extensive experience in mentoring, Emily has discovered the profound impact of integrating personal Mentoring alongside Meditation into one's life journey.

Diving into personal growth, illuminates Self-understanding. By enhancing your awareness around specific questions with your practice or perceived obstacles along the path, mentoring sessions illuminate the path to progress.

In a personalized 1:1 setting we can transform what may appear as a roadblock or disruption into creative solutions.

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“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving”
Toronto, Canada