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I teach a simple and effortless practice, that purifies stress from the physiology and awakens our baseline state of bliss. Vedic Meditation is a simple and effective technique that dates back 5,000 years from the ancient body of knowledge known as the Veda.

a bit about Emily

I was born and raised in the quintessential town of Westport, Connecticut. I always had a yearning to help others as well as a curiosity for the world beyond Connecticut. At seventeen I moved to North Carolina where I studied psychology at Elon University and by 23 I had received a Master's degree in Industrial Psychology. With both degrees in my pocket and big dreams, I moved to Southern California. I had my first taste of entrepreneurship working alongside one of Hollywood's legendary managers. During these days I learned that both work and life could merge as one, yet something was missing - a connection to Self. I returned to the east coast and set up roots in New York City, to be closer to family. Ironically, in the fast paced city, what was revealed to me was an inner stillness, cultivated through the self-sufficient practice of Vedic Meditation. This way of being revolutionized by life.

I continued to study Vedic Meditation over the next two years in New York City. During this time, my teacher suggested that I too become a teacher. I went on to receive my training at the foothills of the Himalayas, in Rishikesh, India, where I studied under Vedic masters for many months.

Since completing my training in 2018, it has been one of my greatest pleasures to teach throughout the United States (in Connecticut, New York City, Miami, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area) as well as Internationally in Amsterdam and Haarlem Netherlands, Sydney Australia, Rishikesh India, and my home away from home, Toronto Canada.

Today I live in Boulder, Colorado with my partner David and pup Lucy. We host weekly courses, group mediations, retreats and more from our community based Rocky Mountain Meditation Center. Please reach out to learn more about current offerings, collaborations, or how to get started. I look forward to welcoming you.


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“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving”
Toronto, Canada

I was personally trained by Thom Knoles

Thom Knoles is recognized as the leading authority of Vedic Meditation worldwide, he has taught more than 40,000 students to meditate, and he's revered as a master of Vedic wisdom. His podcast The Vedic Worldview has reached quite a large audience and is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about Vedic Meditation and beyond. I feel incredibly fortunate to have learned Vedic Meditation directly from Thom, to be personally mentored by him, and to have been trained by him in becoming a teacher of Vedic Meditation in the same way he was trained by his teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. What I teach today is a product of what I learned from Thom and I continue to immerse myself in his teachings and travel to India each year to saturate in Vedic knowledge.