Rounding Retreat

Enjoy deep rest and profound meditations while on retreat with Emily. Return home with an expanded state of awareness, bliss, and a greater sense of purpose.


In person, in a full inclusive retreat setting. Multiple locations


4 days 3 nights


Pricing varies per location
and room style


4-day Vedic Meditation Course

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Why attend a Rounding Retreat?

Rapid Release of Stress

The combination of Rounding and resting provides the pathway to purify deeply rooted stresses. A masterfully designed Rounding program is equivalent to about 6 months of twice daily meditation practice.

Enhance your Knowledge

Learn the technique of Rounding and engage in knowledge sessions and discussions with Master teachers.

Receive personal instruction to integrate the elevated program into your daily routine.

Shared Experience with Community

Step away from the ever repeating known and daily demands and immerse yourself into shared experience with meditators from around the world. Enjoy deep and profound meditations, nourishing meals, and meaningful conversation.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Expand your awareness and creative intelligence. You'll return home with greater clarity, and inspiration to step into the next chapter of life with greater purpose and an open heart.

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Immerse yourself in our long weekend Rounding Retreat, expertly crafted to help you release deep-rooted stress through industrial strength meditation (Rounding). Out retreats offers an accelerated path to expanded states of consciousness and bliss, while receiving amplified rest.

Join us and enhance your meditation practice, connect with fellow meditators, and learn the technique of Rounding, which you'll be able to integrate at home.

Enjoy nourishing meals designed to complement the program, and leave feeling revitalized with a greater sense of purpose.

This transformative experience is equivalent to about six months of regular twice daily meditation, offering renewed clarity of mind and inspiration.

We welcome all Vedic meditators, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, to partake in our retreats.

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“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving”
Toronto, Canada