Exploring the Veda

Exploring the Veda is a transformative 6-part course that delves into the profound body of Vedic wisdom as taught by Thom Knoles and facilitated by Emily


Exploring the Veda is taught in non-residential setting over a long weekend


The entire Exploring the Veda consists of 6 long weekends

Energetic Exchange

USD 700/per section


Completion of the 4-day Vedic Meditation Course + learning the practice of Rounding

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Why attend Exploring the Veda?

Deep Dive into Ancient Wisdom

This course offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the profound body of Vedic wisdom which is so often misunderstood. Listen as Thom draws out pearls of wisdom from these ancient records and learn how to apply these insights into modern life.


The teachings and practices unearthed throughout the course assist students in discovering how to access their true Self and live a life aligned with nature.

Build Community

The non-residential retreat style setting allows for a nurturing environment to get to know fellow meditators. Sharing in meals, tea, and treats with plenty of time for enriching discussion and Q&A.

Sequential Learning

The entire series was created over 80 hours and is divided into six sections (ETV 1 - 6). Students may embark on one session or all 6, however each session needs to be taken sequentially.

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For students who are enjoying the benefits of a meditation practice but are perhaps wondering, what's next? The answer to this question is - Knowledge.

Welcome to Exploring the Veda, a transformative 6-part course designed to unlock the powerful wisdom from the ancient Veda with application to daily life. This is a consciousness curriculum unlike any other.

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“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving”
Toronto, Canada