Exploring the Veda

Exploring the Veda (ETV) is a transformative 6-part course that delves into the profound body of Vedic wisdom as taught by Thom Knoles and facilitated by Emily.


The preference for ETV is for in-person learning with occasional remote study


Each section of ETV is taught over
a long weekend (Friday - Sunday)

Energetic Exchange

USD 800 per course


Vedic Meditation Course +
learning Rounding

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Why attend Exploring the Veda?

Align with Nature

Learn how to live a life that aligns with nature for a more frictionless flow.

Expand your Consciousness

A consciousness curriculum unlike any other, learn the tools and techniques to enliven the waking state of being.

Build Community

Together in a group environment, you'll be served delicious and nutritious meals and discuss the profound ancient teachings with application for modern life. A unique bond forms within each course as you transform alongside another.

Become a Seer

Begin to see the world in another way by removing the veil and learning the ancient teachings that have been around for millennia with master instruction for modern life.

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If you're enjoying your twice daily meditation practice but wondering "what's next? then the answer is simple: knowledge.

Thom Knoles created the course Exploring the Veda in response to the questions "what exactly is the Veda anyway?"

Have you ever opened the ancient yogic texts and wondered what on earth they are saying?

Come along for the course and listen as Thom expounds upon the teachings and offers you the keys to living a life aligned with nature.

The course is interactive where I'll facilitate Thom's teachings with lively discussion and serve you delicious meals throughout the long weekend.

A sample weekend for each section of Exploring the Veda looks like this:

Friday 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm

You'll also learn advanced techniques with a specific long program to be done before each course day.

Taking you through the Exploring the Veda course is one of my favorite offerings as a teacher because the transformation that occurs for each student and the bonds that form are palpable.

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“Learning Vedic meditation with Emily has been a gift that keeps on giving”
Toronto, Canada